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Lots Available at Settlers Knoll
Settlers Knoll : Lot # 3

Notes: This 5.66 acre lot has a lot of variety. Its best characteristic are the majestic pine an oak trees. If you want to do a short hike there is a high bluff that is popular with those who know it is there. Finally there is an intermittent stream. Buffers were built into the layout to protect the environment, make a provision for people to enjoy its ledges as well as provide a beautiful setting for ones home. This lot will not give you the views you can get from our other lots, but if you want a place to build a home that is in a covenant protected area of a quintessential New England town, it is worth considering.

Settlers Knoll : Lot # 18

Notes: This lot is very open, yet private. For a 4.15 acre lot it feels large. Imagine enjoying morning sun, afternoon shade and ridge views. Settler's Knoll is served by paved, private roads. The area is very private. Covenants help protect your land value.

Settlers Knoll : Lot # 9
Country Home Sites, 4-Season, Retirement, View

Notes: This secluded, 5 acre, hardwood lot with north westerly view towards Lake McWain and hills beyond offers a peaceful location for a vacation home or year round living.

Settlers Knoll : Lot # 15
Country Home Sites, 4-Season, Retirement, View

Notes: Panoramic VIEW including Island Pond and Streaked Mountain.
Southerly and easterly sloping.
Open areas and woods.
Private setting for your home.

Settlers Knoll : Lot # 16
Country Home Sites, 4-Season, Retirement, View

Notes: Oh what a VIEW! First you see your own farm pond, then the mountains in the distance. 4 acres of heaven, mostly open fields, with some woods.
This homesite already has a drilled well. And it is a very peaceful setting. Added to all that, it is in the historic town of Waterford which is know for its lakes and quintessential New England village.
If you want to enjoy quiet, peaceful lot with sweeping views, radiant sun and sunsets, check this location out.

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