Owner Financing

We offer financing for the land we own and we work to match the buyer's needs with ours. 

We should all be worried about where interest rates will go.  The more one can put down and the faster they can pay it off, the more aggressive we can be.  For example, we sometimes don't charge any interest the first year of the mortgage to help the buyer pay the the principal down as quickly as possible.  The buyer is further protected because we have no prepayment penalties for early payouts, which allows the buyer to refinance if desired.

To determine the individualized financing package we take the following items into consideration:

  • How much the buyer can put down on the lot
  • How long they want to take to pay it off
  • The amount that can be reasonably paid per month
  • Any special needs of the buyer
  • Which piece of land the buyer is interested in

Please call so we can talk about your land needs and if I have anything that might meet those needs.  If it appears that I do, let's look at the land together to make sure that it can meet your needs, then we can work out the details of financing that is mutually advantageous. 

Call me directly on my cell (207 653-9955) or email me (tom@landmaine.com).

Thank you,

Tom Chadbourne,

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