About Us

Tom Chadbourne started Waterford Properties 35 years ago as a way to market land he received when he sold out of a family lumber business. The company was a natural fit as it utilizes skills he developed over his professional life in Forest Management, Construction, Marketing and Finance.

Location and Overview

The land in Maine we have for sale is approximately three hours from Boston,  an hour from Portland, and forty-five minutes from Conway, NH. Much of the land offers 4-Season, paved roads, electricity, and phone. Our “Off-Grad parcels” do not. Most of our Maine land is convenient to lakes, skiing, hiking and other year round rural activities.

Quality and Protection

With the lots we offer, we take pride in providing environmentally sound homesites in aesthetically pleasing settings. Each area offered strives to be of a higher quality than that of other land of its type in the market it serves.

As most towns in Maine don’t have zoning, much of the land offered have covenants to help protect the value of the area without being too restrictive.

Our Land

Our land falls into several categories:  2 to 3 acre lots convenient for commuting to more “metropolitan areas”, 4 and 5 acre lots (mostly with views that are closer to the mountains and lakes, and a smattering one of a kind areas whether they are waterfront, off-grid and/or investment parcels.

Owner Financing

We offer custom financial packages based on the price of the lot  you’re interested in, the amount you want to put down, and the amount you can pay per month. Call Tom directly for more information: (207) 653-9955.